Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tuesday Tiny TV Tidbits

How many Rescue Me fans are out there? I love this show. I love Denis Leary. He and his creative baby Rescue Me are both so politically incorrect that I titter at the thought. Irreverance is my middle name (but I spell it M-a-r-i-e), which makes this show and me kindred spirits. Since last year's painful Hollywood writers' strike pushed the new season of the show all the way out to spring of 2009, Sony Pictures or FX or Dreamworks or someone is throwing fans a bone in the meantime. Starting two Tuesdays ago, FX is airing 10 original, stand-alone "minisodes" (not my word, by the way--I do have some literary dignity left) every Tuesday night at 10 Eastern/9 Central. The first two 5-minute episodes have been great fun and have provided a small fix for fans in withdrawal, but I feel like I'm being toyed with by the dope man. I need more and he's not giving it up. C'mon, C'mon.


Anonymous said...

I love Denis Leary. Did you watch
"The Job" before it was tragically cancelled? Brilliance.

I put your blog in my blogroll at -- check it out!

Bianca said...

Okay, so here I am. I made a mental note to check the blog last week but it got crazy with the holiday and my usual blog-checking time at work was sucked up by actual, um, here I am. Late to the party, as usual.

As I have no cable, I don't know what Rescue Me is but I do own one very annoying Dennis Leary video that my ex used to watch over and over and sing, "I'm an asshole-lio-lio!"