Saturday, April 19, 2008

Red, Blue, and No Movies for You!

The weather in Memphis is spectacular this morning. It's the kind of perfect spring morning that we just don't get very often in these parts. Memphis really has only two seasons: (1) suffocatingly hot and humid or (2) 38 degrees and raining. This morning we have bright sunshine and a temperature in the mid-60's with low humidity and a light southerly breeze. It's hard to force myself into a dark movie theater on a day like today! Especially since I live on a lake--sparking blue water, ducks floating by, purple martins swooping across the surface looking for tasty bugs (yum), overweight rednecks in undersized fishing boats puttering by, the hum of their struggling, gurgling, trolling motors like the sounds of late summer dying cicadas, the bright red and blue of their beer coolers adding an impressionistic swath of color to the scene. It's idyllic. Life is good.

I do hope to catch Forgetting Sarah Marshall tomorrow evening, though, so be sure to check back on Monday for my views on the latest "it" movie. My god, can the entertainment talking heads talk about nothing else??? I've got some big expectations here! Don't let me down, Judd Apatow! I'll put a big sign in my backyard facing the lake telling all my endearing redneck neighbors to Forget Sarah Marshall. I mean it. Don't push me.

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Bianca said...

Damn, Saturday in Nashville was chilly and cloudy! Today was nice though! I'm so happy it's FINALLY spring!